Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Hitler Youth Training Material

I’ve added three more covers of Die Kameradschaft, the bimonthly for leaders of Hitler Youth Groups. These  are excellent examples of what Nazism wanted to inculcate in the youth. If you’re a grad student looking for a dissertation topic, there’s one in here, I think.

This 1936 issue is titled “Race is Fate,” and has a variety of material aimed at teaching kids Nazi racial theory.

And this one has to do with the evils of Bolshevism.

Gauleiter Eigruber’s Economic Plans

As part of my slowly growing section of material by Nazi Gauleiter, I’ve added a 1939 article by Gauleiter August Eigruber of Oberdonau (Upper Danube) on economic policy. Eigruber was executed in 1947 for crimes against humanity.

Gauleiter August Eigruber