Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Nazis Justify Attacking the Soviet Union

Hitler justified his invasion of the Soviet Union by claiming that he had acted at the last minute to prevent a Soviet attack on Germany. Today I've added an article titled "The Meaning of the Battle," taken from Signal, an illustrated magazine published twice monthly in many languages for foreign consumption. The map below shows the alleged placement of Soviet troops preparing to attack Germany.

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Keir said...

One of my students is doing her senior research assignment on the possibility of the invasion being a pre-emptive strike a la Bush doctrine. After reading her final draft, it's clear there wasn't enough evidence to support such a claim which set her on a panic. A bit late for her, but I'm reading Evans's Third Reich at War at the moment and he provides some justification on p.189 through Hitler's statements and Goebbels's diary extracts with the necessary caveats.