Monday, September 6, 2010

German City Maps from 1938

This is an experiment to see if anyone finds it useful. I have a street atlas of Germany from 1938, which I find interesting because it shows how streets and public squares were re-named all over Germany in honor Hitler and other Nazi potentates. I've added the maps for Berlin, Frankfurt, Hanover, and Nuremberg. If you have a city you'd particularly like to see a map of, let me know.

I've since added, by request, Munich to the list.

In the case of Nuremberg, for example, the illustration below shows that the main square was named for Hitler. I've also included a clip of the Nuremberg Party Rally grounds.

The Center of Nuremberg

The Party Rally Grounds


Anonymous said...


This is totally unrelated to the content of your post, but I want to say I found the material in your Nazi Propaganda Archives simultaneously fascinating and horrifying. Thank you for the education.


Keir said...

If you're offering, I'd love to see a map of Munich. I have a few copies of "Munich in the Third Reich" which shows a small map surrounded by photos, info and addresses of NSDAP buildings and sites.

Randall Bytwerk said...

OK, done.

Keir said...

CHEERS! Munich's put out a new map "Dem Gedenken Namen und Orte geben" focussed on one street- Augustenstrasse