Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Third Reich’s Celluloud War

A while back Ian Garden wrote to me with the request for some high definition scans of images from the GPA for a book he was writing on Nazi cinema.  As usual I asked for a copy of the book when published. The British edition of the The Third Reich’s Celluloid War arrived by mail a month or so back. It now is available in the U.S.

I recommend the book as a good introduction to the subject.  As Garden notes in the introduction, he is writing for a general audience and he does that well.  The book provides interesting information about a wide range of Nazi film.  The book as a particularly good selection of images, some in color.  No other book on the topic can equal it in this regard.

The author has also set up a useful web site to supplement the book.

There are a few matters of fact and interpretation about which I might quibble, but when my students ask me for help on where to start in understanding Nazi film this is the first book to which I will send them.

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Keir said...

I've been referring to films from this period to my classes lately, especially Titanic to help them use a metaphor for an event that lives on whilst the others expected to be remembered by them are forgotten by the world at large. Ohm Kruger is another one, scenes of which I showed whilst teaching the Southern Africa depth study for GCSE. The scenes of the concentration camp have especial irony at our school near Dachau.
I heartedly recommend you hunting down the documentary Hitler's Irish Films. The image of the Irishman found within is hilarious as described by the Irish themselves today.