Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two Nazi Anti-Semitic Posters from the East

A visitor to the site provided me with two vivid Nazi anti-Semitic posters I’d not seen before.  The first is, I think, in Ukrainian:

Google’s translation site suggests a meaning of “Satan has taken off his mask.”

The second I find particularly interesting:

I think it is in Ukrainian, which Google translates as “He poisons our lives.”  I had not realized that there was a Ukrainian translation of the book.


fara1999 said...

Both posters are ukrainian. Скинув means took off in this context. Never seen these posters before. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just saw your blog and just wanted to let you know some details to this poster. I found one of these in 1993 in the National Archiv of Belarus foldet to A4 in a manila folder with documents about propagada strategies from the german propaganda headquater in Minsk. this Poster was later used in an exhibition called 'German Propaganda in Whiterussia 1941-1944" in Berlin Steglitz, the catalog to this exhibition is still available online. It was quiet fun to find and photograph this poster as me and a friend were escorted by police from the archiv to the national museum as they had facilities to take photos of these posters; there were actually a couple, all just folded and filed with a variety of mixed document. cheers Micha