Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Germany and You: A Nazi Magazine in English

Germany and You was a magazine published between 1931 and 1943.  I know less about the magazine than I wish.  I am not sure if it was Nazi-oriented when it began, but it certainly was after 1933.  Today I add scans of the full issue for January 1942.  Although dated after Pearl Harbor, the issue was clearly prepared before the Japanese attack.

If you have more information about this interesting periodical I would be delighted to hear from you.


Keir said...

Find it interesting in the article about theatre that Germany is always referred to as 'the Third Reich', a term Richard Evans argued had been frowned upon by the regime itself by the time of the war.

Randall Bytwerk said...

It is interesting that "Third Reich" was still being used in 1942. Evans is right that the term fell into disuse when the war began. I wonder if it is because it sounded better in English than a translation of the preferred term, Großdeutsches Reich, as "Greater German Reich"?