Thursday, June 30, 2022

Völkischer Beobachter Front Pages

I've gotten a start on a long-term project: Posting the front pages of the Völkischer Beobachter, the Nazi Party’s daily newspaper, for the war years. It is an interesting way to follow the trajectory of the war, beginning with victories in Poland and ending in disaster.
Since there are 1500 or so issues this will take me a while, but if you check the page occasionally new months will be added.


Yes Huahuahua! Yes YESSS! said...

Hi there. I was wondering if you had any VB (or other kinds of media) issues that mention Albert Einstein? The scientist and author named CP Snow said that he had become widely known as the Public Enemy #1 of the Reich. I forget what he wrote that said that, but it is mentioned in as well. I know that Otto Strasser stole that "honor" (really, a great risk) from Einstein in 1940.

I see some articles written about what a great reception he had in America, and that may have been a function of wanting a distraction after WWI. (The Beatles first became popular in Hamburg due to a similar cultural need, I think, after WWII of course.) Anyways the Einstein, beloved in America narrative is disrupted by articles like this in the NY Times:

"HITLER IS 'GREATEST' IN PRINCETON POLL; Freshmen Put Einstein Second and Chamberlain Third.
PRINCETON, N.J., Nov. 27-- Princeton's freshmen ***again*** have chosen Adolf Hitler as "the greatest living person" in the annual poll of their class conducted by The Daily Princetonian. Ninety three votes were given to the German Chancellor, as compared
with twenty-seven to Albert Einstein in second position and fifteen to Neville Chamberlain in third.

I'm also looking for material about the Bolshevik revolution. Emperor Hirohito, Winston Churchill, the French, etc. hated their guts, as did Wilhelm II- who first said gassing Jews was a great idea in 1919. Which is what Churchill actually did that very same year, with poison gas delivered by artillery shells on Arkhangel, North Russia. This infuriated William Christian Bullitt Jr, our ambassador to Lenin. He demanded his observations be written down in the Library of Congress.. and it sheds some light on what the nationalist wikipedia editors don't want to talk about. :|

Its highly relevant to the current Ukraine crisis because this is the origin of hostility between USA and Russia. My guess is the fear of Jewish backlash against Christians played a large role in many countries dealings with the Bolsheviks, who had enabled full universal suffrage in 1917, before they soured on the idea after about 70 countries attacked them between 1918 and 1922 or so. So the alternative to Judeophobia is that maybe we hated them for their Freedom. Eat your heart out, W. ;)

Randall Bytwerk said...

Look here: